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2009 CADC Excellence Award The developers and silver creative set out to transform this vintage industrial part of NYC into a vibrant, artistic and cultural mixed-use district. The edgy, unpolished neighborhood set the mood for this type driven, energetic brand. The bold colors, gritty textures and energetic action shots capture the spirit of the urban [...]


2010 CADC SILVER Award The creative direction for this new building located in South St. Seaport was inspired by the vibrant neighborhood with its outdoor contemporary art and views of the 3 Manhattan bridges. The use of bright colors, bold graphics and textured varnish printing techniques made 200 Water St. a standout attraction. The attention [...]


2011 W3 SILVER award International Davey SILVER award IMA Outstanding Achievement award Silver creative’s goal for this e-commerce website design was to visually express this UK based firm’s ethical & socially responsible values. Designed using a balance of white space and custom line drawings, I created a brand that emphasizes their unique vitamin products. visit [...]


2010 The Nationals Gold Award for Best web for a builder This clean, user-friendly designed site was developed by silver creative for a family owned New York City real estate firm. It was important that the design be client managed and easily translated to a mobile site. The corporate pocket folder was designed to showcase [...]


2010 CADC EXCELLENCE Award This family run company called on silver creative to brand their all-natural Jamaican jerk sauce. I illustrated the Jules logo to resemble Violet “Jule” Brown, the creator of the jerk sauce that was a favorite at her Jamaican restaurants in New York City in the 80’s and 90’s. I designed the [...]


2008 International Davey Silver Award for Spice It Up Magazine Ad This leading U.S. Indian food brand needed silver creative to revitalize their brand look and messaging to be more in line with their target audience. To appeal to this eclectic and adventurous crowd I created a slogan “Spice it up” to challenge the consumer to [...]


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