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Once upon a time, about a week ago, the CADC held their 40th Annual Awards Show in Hartford. The halls were brimming with inspiring work, delicious food and amazing creatives from all over Connecticut.


2012 CADC GOLD Award for website 2012 CADC SILVER Award for packaging 2012 CADC SILVER Award for campaign 2012 CADC EXCELLENCE award for illustration This Specialty Food Company presented silver creative with the challenge of making a hard candy product line fun, quirky and current. I took on the challenge illustrating botanical style watercolor fruit [...]


I created the identity, packaging and website for two new products from PopCorners. For Pop Crinkles I combined fun illustration with the chips to create iconic flavors that portray the popped lightness of the chips. I took a very direct approach with Skinny Chippers making the nutrition panel the hero on the front of the [...]


2008 International Davey Silver Award for Spice It Up Magazine Ad This leading U.S. Indian food brand needed silver creative to revitalize their brand look and messaging to be more in line with their target audience. To appeal to this eclectic and adventurous crowd I created a slogan “Spice it up” to challenge the consumer to [...]