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Visit the site I led my team in creating a new brand identity for the Seeds of Change. We created a powerful seed-to-plate story that unifies all three divisions of the brand and shows consumers how easy it is to make healthy, organic choices—from the seeds they plant to the food they cook to helping [...]


At IN were were tasked to create an always-on program with permanent point-of-sale signage for Mexican restaurants that highlighted the company’s Mexican beer portfolio while adding a unique and authentic experience for the guests. From the beer, to the delicious cuisine, to the art on the walls, we wanted to immerse diners in a rich, [...]


Energizer’s promise is to keep your family going and going. That’s why they designed their longest-lasting Ultimate Lithium batteries to deliver peak performance, day after day. So we created a campaign to warn consumers of the negative side that comes along with extremely long lasting battery power.


The MMRF has revolutionized treatment for this rare type of cancer and broken ground with a new model in research. To help them with their mission we were involved in a series of projects to gain sponsors and donors. I was tasked to design a brochure that would serve as a tool to recruit corporate [...]


Once upon a time, about a week ago, the CADC held their 40th Annual Awards Show in Hartford. The halls were brimming with inspiring work, delicious food and amazing creatives from all over Connecticut.


Rounding Up CT Creative’s I attended the 37th Annual CADC awards show last night at the spectacular lighthouse Point in New Haven. The scenery was inspiring with sunset beach views and an awesome old-fashioned carousel that was built in 1916. We couldn’t resist going for a ride. The work featured in the show this year [...]