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2015 CADC JUDGES Award for Illustration 2015 CADC GOLD Award for Illustration 2015 CADC GOLD Award for Packaging 2015 CADC SILVER Award for Website When creating the identity and packaging for Local Legends Food Company, a milk* initiative, I wanted to do more than just sell chips. It was imperative for the brand to tell a [...]


At IN were were tasked to create an always-on program with permanent point-of-sale signage for Mexican restaurants that highlighted the company’s Mexican beer portfolio while adding a unique and authentic experience for the guests. From the beer, to the delicious cuisine, to the art on the walls, we wanted to immerse diners in a rich, [...]


Once upon a time, about a week ago, the CADC held their 40th Annual Awards Show in Hartford. The halls were brimming with inspiring work, delicious food and amazing creatives from all over Connecticut.


2012 CADC GOLD Award for website 2012 CADC SILVER Award for packaging 2012 CADC SILVER Award for campaign 2012 CADC EXCELLENCE award for illustration This Specialty Food Company presented silver creative with the challenge of making a hard candy product line fun, quirky and current. I took on the challenge illustrating botanical style watercolor fruit [...]


I created the name and identity for a charity initiative at milk* sono. ACT was created as an artistic outlet to raise money for causes we believe in. I illustrated and designed these shirts to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. 100% of net profits from every T-shirt sold were donated to [...]


What can be better than working from home eating fruit and painting it?


2010 CADC SILVER Award This e-commerce website for a line of amino acids-based sports nutrition products utilizes inspiring photos of various athletes in dramatic landscapes. The emphasis on each sport makes the site relevant to each individual visitor. Inspired by the vitruvian man, I created custom line drawings to emulate the movement of each athlete. [...]


2011 W3 SILVER award International Davey SILVER award IMA Outstanding Achievement award Silver creative’s goal for this e-commerce website design was to visually express this UK based firm’s ethical & socially responsible values. Designed using a balance of white space and custom line drawings, I created a brand that emphasizes their unique vitamin products. visit [...]


2010 CADC EXCELLENCE Award This family run company called on silver creative to brand their all-natural Jamaican jerk sauce. I illustrated the Jules logo to resemble Violet “Jule” Brown, the creator of the jerk sauce that was a favorite at her Jamaican restaurants in New York City in the 80’s and 90’s. I designed the [...]


A volunteer-based, non-profit organization dedicated to aggressively raising research funds for Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy hosted a benefit concert called Piper’s Song featuring a live performance by Counting Crows. Silver creative volunteered our services and I designed and illustrated a logo and tee shirt to promote the event. This tee shirt illustrates [...]