Local Legends

Integrated Campaign for Local Chip Company

When creating the identity and packaging for Local Legends Food Company, a milk* initiative, I wanted to do more than just sell chips. It was imperative for the brand to tell a story, creating a world for Local Legends to expand and perhaps one day become a legend in its own right. Local areas in the U.S. inspired the chip flavors. For each of these flavors I illustrated characters and wrote stories based on the folklore of the region. Local legends will be on the shelves of whole foods by the end of July 2015!

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Local legends brought home 4 awards at the 2015 CADC awards show. Here are the words from the Judge, Mark Hess, about the Local Legends Illustration Judges Award:

“The wholly unexpected whimsey and simple depiction of lighthearted subjects relating to the flavors not always associated with potato chips is refreshing and attractive; which, added to the retro-based complementary typography/graphic treatment creates a strong brand identity hard to ignore. The illos capture a wood-cut, hand painted mentality which suggests a simpler bygone time perfect for, and rarely used, in this product segment. They are simple, color restrained, decorative, tell-a-story, and are so spontaneous and hand-made looking that they feel like old friends.”

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